Coaching in Business

Think effectiveness, confidence, balance and success.Think Mindset.
How do I deal with a difficult staffing issue?
How can I build on my confidence and reduce my stress?
What's the next step I need to take to develop my business?


Mindset coaching in your business

Director of the Year Award sponsored by Asda Stores Ltd

  Jane Weaver

 Winner Jane Weaver, Managing Director, AYS Couriers Ltd


Jane Weaver recommends coaching from Sharon Philips, Mindset

 "I have been working with Sharon for over 3 years and am delighted with the support I have received from coaching, we cover a huge range of challenges:- personnel, customer relations, mentoring and developing my own managers, preparation for difficult scenarios, work life balance, stress management, public speaking, confidence! Every topic that I have brought to Sharon has enabled me to focus on root causes and develop a plan or response to help me and my business. Sharon's coaching has helped me take my business in a positive direction"


New challenges are part of everyday life. Mindset provides confidential coaching programme to help you find the answers you need. Experienced business coach, Sharon Phillips, provides the skills and support to empower business leaders to find the solutions that are right for them. Whether you want to create and deliver change in your business or build on your ability to motivate others, Mindset can help 

 Mindset Coaching has already helped many business leaders move towards increased clarity, confidence and vision - all creating better results for their business.

  "Invaluable in shaping personal and business success"


Coaching helps you to:

Accomplish your goals in a shorter time
Build on your ability to handle difficult conversations effectively
Build on your ability to motivate and inspire others
Take time out to think, clarify and reenergise
Manage your workload stress levels and work-life balance.


Team Coaching

Are your employees developing with your business?

A strong business depends on a strong team. That means people who are ready to respond to the challenges of today's marketplace. Mindset coaching helps businesses get the best out their people with team or individual coaching.

Team coaching can help a team move from issues of conflict and to high motivation and focus on business success. In a demanding marketplace, individual and group coaching can prepare employees to respond quickly to new business priorities and goals.


Individual Coaching 

One to one coaching helps individual employees move towards increased focus and success.



A business is its people. Do you know how to get the best out of your employees? DISC behaviour profiling from Mindset gives you a better understanding of your people to help improve the performance of your business. This service covers:

  • Recruiting the right people
  • Knowing and using your strengths
  • Finding out who you prefer to work with and why
  • Yours and other people's management style -
  • What motivates you and other people


Leadership and Management Programme Funding

Mindset is a Business Link Registered Supplier.